SCENE in the pen. 073

“Spring cicada”

May. Walking through a wooded area by the highway, I heard the sound of insects from the pine tree tops. There were that of spring cicadas. Their numbers are declining on the peninsula and I have heard them for the first time in the last five years. I kept stopping and listening the sound of the wind through the woods, the bird and them. [MAY 2024]

Yezoterpnosia vacua






〇四季折々の知多の自然のこと=カテゴリー「SCENE in the pen.」


更新の頻度は時期によって変わりますが、観察会情報は下旬~翌月上旬にかけて、エッセイは1日頃と15日頃の更新を予定しています。ブログ版エッセイは、観察会やイベントなどで配布するプリント版から選んで掲載していきます。また、2022年にvol.72で中断していた「SCENE in the pen.」を再開します。知多半島における身近な自然の魅力を写真とともにお伝えしていきます。相地透ポートフォリオも更新していきますので、よければ覗いてみてください。引き続き、自然や文学について、楽しみながら考えていこうと思います。


SCENE in the pen. 072

“Dead fern submerged in water”

Winter on the wetland. Some plants remained dead. The landscape is silent. Ferns that are heavily invaded. One leaf, withered and submerged in water, caught my eye.  [FEBRUARY 2022]


SCENE in the pen. 071

“Persian speedwell”

A reservoir where cormorants have established colonies. At the end of the woods beside it, there is a rice field. When I visited on a sunny day, I found Persian speedwell in full bloom. They were glistening blue.  [FEBRUARY 2022]




SCENE in the pen. 070

“White giraffe head”

Giraffe heads are found in bloom even in winter. I parked the car, got out and saw some white giraffe heads at my feet. After a light snow, there were water drops on the flowers.  [JANUARY 2022]




SCENE in the pen. 069

“Two red berries”

In the woods. A small tree with red berries was growing at the base of a cedar tree. The yabukozhi is a tree of good luck. They lit up the winter woods with bright colours.  [FEBRUARY 2022]




SCENE in the pen. 068

“Frog’s egg”

February. The day after it rained, there were eggs of red frogs in the rice field. The season of life begins with the appearance of the red frog egg.  [FEBRUARY 2022]




SCENE in the pen. 067

“Cricket moves quickly”

There was a cricket on fallen leaves. When it noticed me, it quickly ducked under the leaves. Then it hid and didn’t move.  [SEPTEMBER 2021]

Loxoblemmus campestris




SCENE in the pen. 066

“Goji berry”

I was walking along the beach in autumn. The colors of the early summer beach plants were no more. There were Goji berries on a thin branch at my feet. It was shining brightly on the cold beach.  [October 2021]

Lycium chinense




SCENE in the pen. 065

“Red berries rustling in the wind”

The edge of the woods. There was a thin tree with green leaves. Red berries that grow from the same base as the leaves. Its leaves and berries are distinctive and pretty.  [November 2021]

Ilex pedunculosa