SCENE in the pen. 062

“Dragonfly with a straw yellow color”

As I walked around the rice fields, I saw a dragonfly perched on a sasa. It was a female common skimmer. It is also known “Mugiwara-tombo.” Mugiwara means straw, and the color of its body is its origin. The common skimmer is very friendly and will sometime perch on a bag slung over your shoulder. They have always been very close to people.  [AUGUST 2021]

Orthetrum albistylum speciosum




SCENE in the pen. 061

“White flowers with red lips”

The white flowers were tinged with lipstick red. It’s a vine that thrives in many place, in the field and in the city.  It has strong odor when scratched. In the fall, it bears brown berries.  [JULY 2021]

Paederia scandens




SCENE in the pen. 060

“Magenta trumpets”

Under the railway viaduct at dusk. Magenta flowers were beginning to open among the thick grasses. They were four o’clock flowers. These flowers, which are often seen in the city, open at night. Magenta, white and yellow flowers stand out very well when they are in bloom at night.  [AUGUST 2021]

Mirabilis jalapa




SCENE in the pen. 059

“Frog in the hole”

The pond had been drained. The leaves of water chestnut that floating on the water had been washed up all over the place. There was a hole in the dry ground. A brown frog was peeping out from inside. It stared at me and didn’t seem to come out.  [AUGUST 2021]

Fejervarya kawamurai




SCENE in the pen. 058

“Wetland flowers”

When I visited the wetland, small flowers such as a ”Mimikaki-gusa” were almost over. Then, I found a long spike of white flowers in the grass. It was “Nogi-ran.” Ran means orchid, but it’s not a member of the orchid family. The orange stamens growing out of the white flowers were beautiful.  [AUGUST 2021]

Metanarthecium luteoviride




SCENE in the pen. 057

“Green flatid planthopper”

The woods in the summer. As I was walking on a sultry road, I notice a small green. It was “Hagoromo (flatid planthopper).” Hagoromo is a thin cloth that the celestial maiden wears. The clear green wings were beautiful on the trunk of the tree.  [AUGUST 2021]

Geisha distinctissima




SCENE in the pen. 056

“Longhorn beetle spawning”

A tigar-patterned longhorn beetle was walking around on a tree. Apparently it’s looking for a place to spawn. I could see the ovipositor. And it stopped and stayed for a while. Probably the spawning is over. The longhorn beetle quickly climbed the tree.  [JULY 2021]

Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus




SCENE in the pen. 055

“Liriope flower”

Liriope flowers began to bloom on the road side of the woods. After this, many small purple flowers will bloom like ears. It is a common flower, also planted in parks and shrines.  [JULY 2021]

Liriope muscari




SCENE in the pen. 054

“Jewel beetle”

The hottest time in the region. When I was watching the mushrooms growing from the humus, a green shining insect flew by my side. It was the jewel beetle. It perched on a branch near the ground and began to climb it. It climbed little by little, pointing its legs fluttering. When it reached the tip of the branch, it spread its wings and flew away.  [JULY 2021]

Chrysochroa fulgidissima




SCENE in the pen. 053


The woods remain on a small hill near the sea. You can overlook the sea from the park created by opening a wooded area. There was no one in the park that day. Beyond the sand fence, the summer sun was shining white on the sea.  [JULY 2021]