SCENE in the pen. 055

“Liriope flower”

Liriope flowers began to bloom on the road side of the woods. After this, many small purple flowers will bloom like ears. It is a common flower, also planted in parks and shrines.  [JULY 2021]

Liriope muscari




SCENE in the pen. 054

“Jewel beetle”

The hottest time in the region. When I was watching the mushrooms growing from the humus, a green shining insect flew by my side. It was the jewel beetle. It perched on a branch near the ground and began to climb it. It climbed little by little, pointing its legs fluttering. When it reached the tip of the branch, it spread its wings and flew away.  [JULY 2021]

Chrysochroa fulgidissima




SCENE in the pen. 053


The woods remain on a small hill near the sea. You can overlook the sea from the park created by opening a wooded area. There was no one in the park that day. Beyond the sand fence, the summer sun was shining white on the sea.  [JULY 2021]


SCENE in the pen. 052

“Hagi flowers”

As I was walking down the road, hagi flowers were blooming near the bamboo grove. The hagi family includes trees and grass. Ki-hagi is a shrub. White and purple butterfly-shaped flowers refreshed the roadside under the summer sky.  [JULY 2021]

Lespedeza buergeri




SCENE in the pen. 051

”Adult antlion”

In the woods after the rainy season. A lacewings fluttered among the trees with its wings shining. The larva is known as the antlion. It creates a mortar-shaped nest on the sand and waits for the small insects to fall in it. It grows by feeding those insects. Around the end of the rainy season, the antlion who has accumulated enough power, transforms into the lacewing with beautiful transparent wings.  [JULY 2021]

Hagenomyia micans




SCENE in the pen. 050

“Bluebottle butterfly”

From spring to summer, you will meet the bluebottle in various place. In the city, in the field and on the beach. The bluebottle appears in places with camphor trees in order to lay eggs. They suck the nectar of various flowers. You can see them to extend their proboscises into the water on the ground and the beach.  [JULY 2021]

Graphium sarpedon




SCENE in the pen. 049

“Petite sunflower”

When I visited the beach, it was all summer. Sea bells and wild radish have already finished the flowering season. The roundleaf chestetree colored the beach with blush-purple flowers. Sunflowers were in full bloom along the embankment. Flowers smaller than the well-known sunflower bloomed toward the sun, swaying in the sea breeze.  [JULY 2021]

Helianthus cucumerifolius




SCENE in the pen. 048

“Large dragonfly in the woods”

When I was walking in the woods, a dragonfly appeared from the bush. It is rare to meet a dragonfly in a dark place where tree grow. The dragonfly perched on a branch as if hanging. It was Katori-yamma. They are active in the evening and stay still in the woods during the day. Several other Katori-yamma were quietly moving around.  [JULY 2021]

Gynacantha japonica




SCENE in the pen. 047

“Stag beetle”

In summer, insects gather on trees that produce sap. Looking into the oak cave, a stag beetle was hiding. When I brought the twig closer to its face, it pinched it its big chin. Maybe because the sun was still bright, it didn’t move much other than that.  [JULY 2021]

Dorcus rectus




SCENE in the pen. 046

“Small bouncing life”

There are many holes on the beach. Many lives are active inside. When I dug up a small hole, something like a flea popped out from inside. Little sea slater. The body was still transparent.  It was jumping around, swimming in the water and hiding in the shade of rocks.  [JULY 2021]

Ligia exotica